Lansing songwriter to perform new album at Robin Theatre
Jan. 24 2019
Fifteen years since his last proper studio release, longtime Lansing favorite Wally Pleasant returns with “Happy Hour,” a comedic string of songs with a sardonic look at small-town life. He’ll...
Romanian orchestra stops at Wharton on first U.S. tour
Jan. 10 2019
The musicians — most of whom are younger than the maestro — perform with a folk-inflected, heady spice that steamed up from a small Central European country in the 20th century, slipped under...
Jan. 3 2019
Ladies and gentlemen, I ate far more pizza than I should have this year. I won’t apologize for some bonkers legendary meals that I was lucky enough to annihilate, but it begs the question I now ask...
SkyVue Apartments
Dec. 27 2018
After all that cities have learned about humanizing scale and design, and after all the recent talk about properly developing the Michigan Avenue corridor linking MSU to the Capitol and downtown Lansing,...
Dec. 20 2018
A haunting collection of smells, a real ant colony that moonlights as a DJ, an edible blob, a car that emits feathers and many other provocative wonders are packed into the latest big exhibit at MSU’s...
Cokie Roberts to speak at MSU
Nov. 22 2018
There was a tremendous desire for change in the country in 2016, as there is pretty much every year, truth be told. But he represented that and spoke to the hopes and frustrations of a lot of people who...
Unsung jazz warrior Jeff Shoup gets JAMM tribute
Nov. 8 2018
The weekly ritual draws a panoply of local and national artists, including the stellar professors and students at MSU Jazz Studies program, with Shoup himself usually at the drum kit. Last Tuesday, Whitaker...
Nov. 8 2018
Sometimes this may be used more tongue-in-cheek, i.e. the “garbage plates” of Rochester, New York, alongside the local Genesee Ale, but often there is real harmony in drinking something that...
Nov. 1 2018
If our decision were based only about experience, this endorsement would have to go the other way. No Michigan governor has ever had more governmental experience than Bill Schuette’s lifetime of...
Nov. 1 2018
The DNA of American roots music is tightly wound in its sound, but listen to the Dustbowl Revival — performing Thursday at the Wharton Center — and you’ll often feel as if you’re...
Nov. 1 2018
At best, the president has done nothing to tamp the growing wildfires of hate — against immigrants, African-Americans, LGBT people, Jews — that have sprung up and spread in the political climate...
Oct. 18 2018
The Macomb County and rural Michigan working class saw in Trump a bit of their own personality mixed with what they always dreamed for themselves. A blunt, common sense, tell-it-like-itis billionaire with...
Sept. 13 2018
“We met Prime Social Group several years ago through some industry connections — they were looking to expand into the Michigan market,” said Jenna Meyer, marketing director of MiEntertainment....
City Council supports renovation project
Sept. 6 2018
An Outdoor Recreation Legacy Partnership grant could fund just shy of half the cost to begin the first phase of renovations, easing the financial weight of the city’s first steps into the multi-million...