Jan. 30 2019
There’s a line-up of happy-looking kids, about to brush their teeth; a woman being carried off by police officers; a man protesting at a 1960s civil rights rally in Washington, D.C.; a group portrait...
Jan. 17 2019
Monumental themes like civil rights, the Vietnam War and women’s equality are common storylines for baby boomer novels. Lansing author Diane Petryk has added the space race to the fray with her new...
DSC_1500 (1)
Jan. 17 2019
“Someone at Gibson eventually said, ‘Wait a minute. No one is buying these. Let’s just put them on a shelf.’” Following its poor reception, Gibson would only send out specialized...
Jan. 10 2019
Harps are materializing in music well outside the classical world, including tracks by Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, Björk and Yoko Ono
Dec. 27 2018
Hands down two of the best books from this year’s mix chronicle the Flint water crisis. Anna Clark’s “The Poisoned City” uses a documentary journalistic style to detail what led...
Dec. 27 2018
HE ATE: Best Lansing Restaurants. SHE ATE: Best Lansing Food Events
Dec. 6 2018
Riverwalk’s colossal set was designed by Leroy Cupp and constructed with seven other master builders. It features nine working doors, an upper walkway, a staircase, and detailed trimmings. And, yes,...
Dec. 6 2018
Before the Weather Channel was a few clicks away on a television or a computer, city residents could check postmarks on their daily mail for weather forecasts. Two of these rare “Lansing Weather”...
Curated, but cozy
Nov. 29 2018
What other gallery would feature an array of enigmatic little canvases dotted with magnified (yet still tiny) pollen grains? There’s something almost subversive about putting high-concept art like...
Nov. 22 2018
But let’s not ignore the strides this most hallowed of Lansing streets have made. When I was a cub reporter, contiguous blocks of Michigan Avenue were a mashup of massage parlors and dodgy second-floor...
Nov. 22 2018
Lisa McCubbin has done an incredible job in chronicling the life of Betty Ford, a brave woman, who publicly confronted breast cancer and addiction while being at the forefront of women’s rights
Nov. 15 2018
The latest production by Michigan State University’s Department of Theatre, “Men on Boats,” may end up being one of the most underappreciated shows of the season. A play about an epic...
Nov. 15 2018
Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin and Cuban dictator Fidel Castro have one thing in common: They are both owners of a Nora Chapa Mendoza. The Detroitbased artist is expressing her history and identity —...
Nov. 8 2018
Turcsak was mourning the loss of a friend to suicide when she heard about the program on the radio. That led her to join the nonprofit This Is My Brave, which sponsors the nationwide mental health awareness...
Nov. 8 2018
Sometimes this may be used more tongue-in-cheek, i.e. the “garbage plates” of Rochester, New York, alongside the local Genesee Ale, but often there is real harmony in drinking something that...
Nov. 1 2018
While I still enjoy a good hot and sour recipe — I crave Tom Yum soup. Specifically, the one from my favorite restaurant in town: Naing Myanmar Family Restaurant. Its version of Tom Yum is chock...
Nov. 1 2018
At best, the president has done nothing to tamp the growing wildfires of hate — against immigrants, African-Americans, LGBT people, Jews — that have sprung up and spread in the political climate...
Oct. 25 2018
Becker, who is in late mid-life, is loosely in charge of the group. He suffers stoically through the horrendous consequences of a gut wrenching back story. He has a son imprisoned for murder, a quagmire...
Oct. 18 2018
Sparty has one, William Beal has one, Magic Johnson has one and, of course, former President John Hannah has a statue in his honor. I’m sure you will agree after reading “Duffy Daugherty: A...
Oct. 18 2018
Since early 2015, Lansing’s own Blaine Bothee has fronted his weird-pop solo act, Blaine and His Keyboard, or BaHK. From day one, BaHK has thrived on the distinctive combo of sounds. “No one...