Williamston Theatre's 'A Hunting Shack Christmas'
Nov. 29 2018
We soon discover that this is a play largely about farts and fart jokes. No warm and fuzzy Christmas “Gift of the Magi” story. Rather, yet another “If a deer shits in the forest,”...
Oct. 25 2018
In this brightly lit setting, for five of six introduced “parts,” three characters share weird dialogue. As the hour-long play progresses, most of the obscure chatter seems to relate to video...
Oct. 25 2018
Becker, who is in late mid-life, is loosely in charge of the group. He suffers stoically through the horrendous consequences of a gut wrenching back story. He has a son imprisoned for murder, a quagmire...
The biggest stars in the bar: Lansing musicians keep taverns rocking
Oct. 25 2018
Shut up and play the hits. And play the hits they do. Any barhopper accustomed to Lansing’s scene will be familiar with the numerous bands that perform anywhere from the Green Door to the Unicorn....
Oct. 18 2018
The independent stories about immigrants weren’t popular in America when they were performed in 1955. Although the plays’ subjects are still difficult to grapple with in 2018, there are engaging...