Jan. 17 2019
The 72-year-old veteran has some “strong opinions” about what he called understated consequences of smoking pot. Studies show early use could hinder brain development. Hall also claimed most...
Dec. 20 2018
Yes, it’s a grand tradition for Sauter’s DIY Lansing record label Bermuda Mohawk, with help from GTG Records, to put out a Christmas music compilation entitled “Bermuda Snowhawk”...
Gift from Stober family keeps local history alive
Dec. 6 2018
In 1941, a scared 15-year-old boy from East Prussia was shipped off to the icy horrors of World War II’s Russian front. To keep his spirits up, young Rudolph Stober sang as he marched. Decades later,...
Nov. 8 2018
Rising country songster Lindsay Ell has scored some recent Billboard success, thanks to her poppy singles “Criminal” and “Waiting On You
Ayanna Neal, Cynthia Ward eye judicial reforms
Oct. 25 2018
As Judge Frank DeLuca prepares for his retirement, two candidates have emerged to fill his spot on the bench at Lansing’s 54-A District Court. Both lean on more than a decade of legal experience,...
Oct. 11 2018
The city’s Medical Marihuana Commission met late last month to urge the City Council to expand the ordinance-mandated cap on the number of dispensaries within the city. The goal: Approve at least...
One year later, Lansing ordinance has killed all but 9
Oct. 4 2018
Lansing — as of Tuesday — has yet to provide a single operating license to any medical marijuana provisioning centers, forcing many longstanding businesses to shutter while only a handful have...
City Council cracks down on illegal gambling
Oct. 4 2018
City officials and local residents lauded its passage late last month, particularly because the law allows for the Lansing Police Department to seize the ill-gotten proceeds from illegal gambling upon...
Sept. 27 2018
“I think we’re gonna be around a long time,” she said. “Now that we have more breweries, we welcome them, because it makes us a destination. People will come here, just like they...