Jan. 10 2019
Nancy Pelosi is back as U.S. House speaker and it’s not because new U.S. Rep. Elissa Slotkin, D-Holly, voted for her
Nov. 22 2018
Lisa McCubbin has done an incredible job in chronicling the life of Betty Ford, a brave woman, who publicly confronted breast cancer and addiction while being at the forefront of women’s rights
Nov. 22 2018
“There was a lot of indiscriminate copyright infringement,” Barton said. “Another aspect of the legend is that many of them were scanned off duplication machines or Xerox machines at...
Nov. 15 2018
A front page headline in the May 3, 1935, issue of the Des Moines Register set the stage for a great aerial derring-do, declaring: “How Human Will Fly Like a Bat Today.” Thousands of Iowans...
Oct. 4 2018
Fran Deatrick of Haslett was the first person to correctly identify the Sept. 12 Eye for Design, stating that it is the “elaborate column capital is from the Bharatiya Temple in Haslett” (pictured...
Sept. 27 2018
The interior of the bar, sporting stained glass of Merlin the Magician, a classic jukebox, gargoyle-esque griffins and shuffle boards, might feel like a time capsule to old school bar culture. After all,...
Sept. 13 2018
In 2014, Lansing comedy club Connxctions closed, leaving Lansing’s comedy scene mostly in the hands of comedy nights at local bars. Michigan State University student Tom Gannon started the first...
Sept. 13 2018
We received several correct and incorrect guesses regarding last month’s Eye for Design, and Bryan Kurtz of Laingsburg provided one of each. But he was the first person to locate correctly the limestone...