Jan. 3 2019
At times during the lame duck session, Capitol creatures wondered aloud, “Where is Gretchen Whitmer? What is she doing?” For much of December, the Republican-led House and Senate passed legislation...
CATA proposes changes as ridership dwindles
Nov. 29 2018
A late-night bus route between East Lansing and Lansing could soon come to an end as the Capital Area Transportation Authority looks to halt the Entertainment Express after more than a decade on the road
Carol Koenig continues bid for public defender
Nov. 8 2018
But there is still the county ethics policy, which states: “Regardless of whether any commissioner has expressed any interest in a particular hiring or promotion, the Human Resources Department and...
Are we asking too much or too little of public sculpture?
Nov. 8 2018
Last month, the unveiling of four proposed sculptures sparked a fresh discussion about public art in Michigan’s capital city.The arts community was overwhelmingly underwhelmed by four generic, emoji-like...