Property: 368 Orchard St., East Lansing Owner: City of East Lansing

This Colonial Revival structure was designed by East Lansing architect Harold Childs. When it was constructed in the 1930s, this small building housed a well and water pump that served the newly platted Strathmore subdivision. At that time, the site also included a water tower, located in the adjacent field that now serves as a park.

Slender column clusters support the entablature of the building’s main portico, which continues along the front elevation to form a wide classical frieze. Stone details, including the chimney shoulders and windowsills provide small accents for the brick exterior, which is expressed in a common bond, with the header ends alternating with several rows of standard running stretchers. Above the windows, the bricks are turned on end in soldier course lintels.

While the building still serves its original role as a pump house, it is more frequently found in use as a community center. Pump House Concerts are scheduled each month, although they often shift outside when the weather allows. The monthly concert schedules can be found on the venue’s Facebook page. Visitors are encouraged to bring a gently used book to exchange at the Little Free Library found to the east of the building.

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