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It’s similar to a silly American sitcom, but instead of a recorded laugh track the chuckles are genuine. “Leading Ladies” is a farcical performance by the Owosso Community Players that...
Remember the draft? Many, of course, do not. It was abolished in 1973. What does it do to the mind of a young man, 18 to 22 years old, to be informed you were going to war in Vietnam? A war no one declared,...

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Not all works of art are complete before they’re shown, and “Framing Device” is no exception
It’s been 43 years since the 728-foot long Edmund Fitzgerald iron ore freighter spontaneously sank during a storm on Lake Superior, and there are...
Traipsing through active Middle Eastern war zones, negotiating with Sudanese warlords and staying upbeat with his German shepherd companion “Jimmy,”...
BWL alters policy after push by LightSpeed Communications
Fiber-speed internet connections are poised to spread rapidly throughout the capital city as officials at the Lansing Board of Water & Light look to adjust...
Public hearing scheduled for $10 million reimbursement
Meijer has Pat Gillespie’s back against a wall
The uncertain future facing license-pending medical marijuana dispensaries will continue to hang in the balance, at least over the weekend, while a judge...
Are we asking too much or too little of public sculpture?
Last month, the unveiling of four proposed sculptures sparked a fresh discussion about public art in Michigan’s capital city.The arts community was overwhelmingly underwhelmed by four generic, emoji-like...
Nov. 8 2018
Known for her signature style and socially conscious commentary, Gonzalez has long been an advocate of the LGBTQ community, long before it was acceptable to do so. Armed with a M.F.A in creative writing,...
Nov. 8 2018
Unsung jazz warrior Jeff Shoup gets JAMM tribute
The weekly ritual draws a panoply of local and national artists, including the stellar professors and students at MSU Jazz Studies program, with Shoup himself usually at the drum kit. Last Tuesday, Whitaker...
Nov. 8 2018
Sometimes this may be used more tongue-in-cheek, i.e. the “garbage plates” of Rochester, New York, alongside the local Genesee Ale, but often there is real harmony in drinking something that...
Nov. 8 2018
Let’s start with the base of a sandwich: the bread. The baguette is no feather pillow. Feeling the texture of authentic bread is surprising in a sandwich. In our fool’s errand quest for giant...
Nov. 8 2018
The shop’s original chocolatiers, John and Mary Gilbert, began the company in Findlay, Ohio, in 1893 before moving to Jackson. By 1913, the store was a venerable two-story “factory.”...
Nov. 1 2018


Screen Shot 2018-10-16 at 4.49.27 PM
Lansing Mayor Andy Schor discusses medical marijuana dispensaries, plans for City Hall, scooters and other issues with City Pulse’s Berl Schwartz in their latest monthly sit-down
Oct. 16 2018


City Pulse editor and publisher Berl Schwartz interviews three guests: Kyle Melinn, Josh Hovey and Tim Beck
Nov. 9 2018