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Audio Air Force is giving the 1954 Cold War anxiety science fiction film “The Day the Earth Stood Still” an old-time radio makeover, complete with live sound effects and local actors
We know the frequent knock on former 8th District Congressman Mike Bishop. He never seemed to be around Lansing. Fair or not, it felt like is his public visits were few and far between

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Audio Air Force is giving the 1954 Cold War anxiety science fiction film “The Day the Earth Stood Still” an old-time radio makeover, complete...
Six downtown streets scheduled to shift by 2020
Six, one-way streets in downtown Lansing will soon shift to two-lane traffic by 2020
Unlicensed facilities to reopen with untested products
About 70 unlicensed, medical marijuana facilities can reopen across the state as officials overturn industry regulations, unkink the supply chain and move...
Monumental themes like civil rights, the Vietnam War and women’s equality are common storylines for baby boomer novels. Lansing author Diane Petryk...
Cheng, a New York native from Manhattan’s Chinatown neighborhood, moved to Lansing in the early 2000s with his parents and started longtime Lansing...
The gentlemanly voice of former Virginia Gov. Douglas Wilder seems out of touch with the screamers and shouters of today’s politics
It was the last time they saw each other. In April 1968, five days after King was shot, Franklin sang “Precious Lord, Take My Hand” to mourners at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta. Nearly...
Jan. 17 2019
A musical perfect for the cold, wintry landscape of January in Michigan has arrived at the Wharton Center. The Broadway tour of “Anastasia,” the fictionalized tale of the royal Romanov family’s...
Jan. 17 2019
Scranton, Pennsylvania-based indie rock band Petal arrives in Lansing Jan. 17. Petal, which is helmed by multi-instrumentalist Kylie Lotz, has been on the road in support of its latest album “Magic...
Jan. 17 2019
This is going to sound like I’m bought and paid for by the Greater Lansing Convention and Tourist Bureau, but here goes: Michigan Avenue is one of the great selling points of our community. It is...
Jan. 17 2019
Locally sourced produce and on the go goods will be available amid a sea of takeout options in downtown East Lansing once winter thaws. Campbell’s Market Basket, the brainchild of East Lansing native...
Jan. 10 2019
Takoyaki is a unique Japanese snack that you can order as an appetizer at AI Fusion Sushi & Grill. It consists of a fried dough ball, filled with crunchy octopus and glazed with Takoyaki sauce —...
Jan. 10 2019


Lansing Mayor Andy Schor sits down with City Pulse’s Berl Schwartz for their first interview of the new year. The mayor discloses a new willingness to consider multiple locations for city offices...
Jan. 16 2019


Berl Schwartz returns to his usual hosting duties for this special People Issue edition of City Pulse Radio. The show includes excerpts of interviews from our annual People Issue, which you can read here
Jan. 12 2019