In this episode, we hear what led to Anthony Scaramucci being fired by the Trump Administration, meet a zombie bride and learn how one becomes a notable street artist.
On this edition of City Pulse On the Air, editor and publisher Berl Schwartz speaks with Michael McDaniel, retired brigadier general of the Michigan National Guard, about the power of governors as they deal with the pandemic
A conversation with Lansing Mayor Andy Schor about how you run a city in the age of the coronavirus.
Lansing Mayor Andy Schor answered questions today on the city’s response to the coronavirus emergency.
On this edition of City Pulse On the Air, editor and publisher Berl Schwartz talks to Matt Grossman from Michigan State University about the 2020 presidential campaign. Schwartz also interviews Ingham County chief health officer Linda Vail about updates on the coronavirus situation in Lansing
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“Wynken, Blynken and Nod survive,” predicts Lansing Mayor Andy Schor, referring to the fate of the three BWL smokestacks that the city has adopted as its symbol.
Lansing Mayor Andy Schor discusses his vision for the City Market as well as how posterity may treat him in his monthly interview with City Pulse’s Berl Schwartz.
Lansing Mayor Andy Schor expresses his concern about possibly losing the deal to replace City Hall with a hotel. City Pulse editor and publisher Berl Schwartz talks to him about that and other issues facing the city in the latest installment of their monthly conversations.
Here is an in-depth discussion of the Kroger Co.’s decision to ban City Pulse and all other free publications, which takes effect in Lansing next week. This clip comes from the Editor & Publisher Magazine podcast.
Development, a performing arts center, trash pickup, the new BWL plant and who should be the Democratic presidential nominee are some of the issues Lansing Mayor Andy Schor discussed with City Pulse’s editor and publisher Berl Schwartz in their monthly interview.

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