Our City Pulse mission ... and you

Dear Readers,

When we published our first issue, back on August 15, 2001, we boldly declared our mission to the this community, reaching out with open arms and hoping for a warm embrace in return:

“To provide a journal of news and opinion on civic, social and political issues as well as arts and entertainment in Greater Lansing.”

You’ll also notice on the front of every issue the statements: “A newspaper for the rest of us” and “Locally owned.”

More than two decades later, that mission and those statements haven’t changed, and we take them as seriously as ever. Finding that balance each week between sharing the hard-hitting news stories that make a difference in our lives on one hand, and the ever-growing and changing arts, entertainment and dining offerings that enrich our lives on the other, is a challenge we welcome and strive always to achieve.

“Locally owned” matters, too, because that elevates the extent to which we are invested in this community and care about continuing to develop what we can provide to you. That goes hand in hand with the “rest of us” idea, because that encompasses the vast majority of us who aren’t always served by media that is owned by a national corporation, as is so often the case now.

We’ve also continued to commit to providing City Pulse to you free of charge, because we believe everyone should have access, regardless of income. We stay free and widely available, both in print and online, maintaining a thread that runs throughout the community.

But that doesn’t mean that we don’t need your help. How our future unfolds, this decade and beyond, will depend increasingly on community support. Many of you have been very generous in your giving and we are very grateful. 

As our product continues to grow digitally, and as we strive to maintain a print presence, we will encourage your businesses to advertise with us, invite you to subscribe to our newsletters, and ask for your kind support. All of that enables us to continue to bring you the stories that you care about, across the full spectrum of what’s going on in Greater Lansing.

Please consider the options in the buttons below, for one-time and regular donations, or donate by calling (517) 999-6704, or by mailing a check to City Pulse at 1905 E. Michigan Ave., Lansing, MI 48912.

Thank you very much to those who already support us. And thank you in advance to those who join them.
Yours truly,

Berl Schwartz
Founding editor & publisher

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