Legal Online Gambling in Michigan
Michigan’s gambling landscape is undergoing a truly unprecedented transformation, and by the end of next year, both legal sports … Read More
Team work makes the dream work
I have the pure joy of working with someone full time on my staff who just celebrated her 97th birthday. Full time and three years shy … Read More
Custom framing in Old Town
Everyone is welcome to come in and play, see what they like, what they don’t, and we can work from there. This is the direction I … Read More
Nose! Face! Spite!
It’s right up there with Crunchy v. Creamy and Hufflepuff v. Jigglypuff: Saving money v. Adequate coverage. Auto insurance, as you … Read More
Adult Literacy Facts: Health, gender equality, poverty
Every important social issue is impacted by low literacy. When individuals learn how to read, write, do basic math, and use computers, … Read More
Let’s talk about life insurance
You gotta life, right? Pretty keen on it too, yeah? So here’s the thing. What if you lose it? Seriously …  all of a sudden it’s … Read More
Quality jewelry is worth the investment
Let’s talk expensive. Really, everybody knows that jewelry is, like, the most expensive thing on the planet. But it is often made of … Read More
Be a part of someone’s success story by volunteering as a GED and literacy tutor
If you are reading this, with as little of a donation of time you can be part of raising literacy and opportunity for the underserved … Read More
Our store has no walls or barrier, only a ‘Wall of Love’
Think you're special? Yeah, well, we do too! Books for everybody regardless of everything! Read More
Have you bought local lately?
Two events will bring thousands across the country to support local businesses this week: The Michigan Retailers Association’s … Read More
Laser treatment provides safe, effective alternative for chronic pain management
I think we can prevent most common conditions through lifestyle changes like diet and exercise. Read More
Our experts can repair and resize almost all vintage and contemporary jewelry
Take a piece of vintage jewelry to a national jewelry store and there are almost always two courses of action. The first one is the … Read More
Plastic surgery
Rick J. Smith welcomes an esthetician to the team
A graduate of the Douglas J. Aveda Institute in East Lansing and the National Laser Institute of Chicago, licensed esthetician Kathy … Read More
Real Estate
Forget renting misconceptions, millenials are the fastest growing buying population
Millennials are buying houses and I think there are a couple of different reasons why. Read More
Zortz puppets are funky gifts that help you keep a hold of things
I met the artist Max Gyllenhaal at a handmade show in Philadelphia. He was just this little guy who is quiet and nerdy looking with … Read More
Creating connection through glass crafts
Delphi Glass was founded in 1972 on the belief that making art glass projects should be enjoyable and rewarding for everyone, from … Read More
How to save for your child’s college
College can be one of the most expensive “purchases” in your family’s life, which can cause a lot of questions on how to … Read More
Millennials: Stay on your parents’ insurance as long as you legally can
As long as it is possible and legal, millennials should stay on their parents’ insurance. They have the advantage of piggybacking on … Read More
The phrase DIY vintage jewelry repair should sound an alarm like DIY jet engine repair
Years ago, I read a sign hanging in a shop. It read, “Labor charge: $6.00 an hour regular, $10.00 an hour to follow your specific … Read More
For only two hours a week you can make a difference in local literacy
According to the 2012 Census Survey, 20 percent or approximately 93,000 adults in the Greater Lansing area are functionally illiterate … Read More

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