Along with economic development and urbanization process, people's lives have been improved, food shortages, poverty has been reduced, but new challenges have arisen nutrition. A new model of nutrition and disease, nutrition mix and excess nutrients, tao mat troi or nutrients appear unreasonable ... require the necessary measures, comprehensive and feasible synchronization, in which nutrient solution is a key element.

Children at risk of obesity and chronic diseases

In our country, children overweight and obesity has been increasing rapidly, especially in children elementary age and urban areas. According to the survey results of the projects of Ministry of Health in 2009 over 8000 primary school children in 14 districts of old Hanoi showed that 10.7% of children were overweight and 9.3% obese missing nutrition. Thus, besides the lack of nutrition appeared a rate of overweight children - obesity significantly, creating double burden of nutrition in our country. Addressing the burden of obesity and its consequences requires an adequate care of the family and of society, gia tao mat troi spirulina because childhood obesity is associated with metabolic disorders, increase the risk other dangerous diseases such as heart disease, hypertension, diabetes ... childhood and adulthood. To help prevent overweight and obesity status in children, should have a reasonable diet.

Laughing Cow cheese 1-2 pieces per day as nutritional supplements because they are great for baby milk contains calcium, vitamins, phosphorous, making bones stronger and prevent cavities.

The Laughing Cow cheese can be cooked with baby porridge, spread a thin layer on bread or eat with fruit such as bananas. That would be the food that your baby loves.

Proper nutrition for children

The demand for the nutrients that children tao mat troi spirulina gia bao nhieu at this age should be noted that all the energy, protein (for children 7-9 years old need 1.825Kcal and 55 - 64g protein / day, of which ≥ 50% of animal protein sources ), vitamins such as vitamin A, D, E, B1, B6, B9, B12, and minerals such as calcium, iodine, iron, zinc, magnesium ... to help children grow and learn. The demand for calcium is 700mg calcium child / day, equivalent to the amount of calcium found in cow's milk 600ml (3 cups filled with milk). Many children do not like to drink a lot of milk or for children with milk intolerance, the parents should choose calcium-rich food sources (often dairy products) to ensure calcium intake for children. The food should be preferred cheese (with the same weight, the amount of calcium in cheese, milk 6 times higher than in), eat small fish bones, shrimp, crab ... Besides calcium, cheese is produced from milk protein (25.5 g/100g cheese) have a high biological value, with all the amino acids necessary for the growth of the child, such as lysine, vitamins and minerals are essential for the physical development and children's learning.

The lack of nutrients in the diet affects the child's tao mat troi tu nhien giup tang can optimal development. The prolonged deficiency will seriously affect the health, fitness and academic achievement of children.

Currently, due to lack of an understanding of the nutritional needs of children, so parents often make mistakes in determining the type of food and amount of food for each child. For example, the fat needs of children under 3 years of age in the period, the percentage requirements of energy provided by fat in the diet is superior than those in older age. If you do not understand, the "pressure" as a common standard is the cause of children with excess fat, causing fat accumulation and prone to overweight, obesity.

During pregnancy, the mother should increase from 9-12kg, including 3 months increased 1-2kg, 3 months between 3-4kg up, last 3 months increased 5-6kg. If she gained weight well, birth, fetus will reach over 3kg. Weight gain is good, also means that the mother accumulate large fat - is the source of stored energy to produce milk after birth. If the mother does not rise enough weight will lead to the risk of children with fetal malnutrition, can mean that a child's physical and mental will not be good. Therefore, diet during pregnancy is extremely important.

When pregnant, the mother must always keep in mind that you eat not only for themselves but also for the baby. When pregnant, the demand for energy and nutrient uong tao mat troi tu nhien requirements are higher than normal, because it needs to ensure supply for external activities of the body, physiological changes, such as changes in maternal transfer chemical, weight gain, increased circulating volume, increased volume of the uterus, breast ... longer necessary for the development of the fetus and milk production for breastfeeding. So diet of pregnant mothers need to increase both the number and quality.