Abbot and Grand River East Lansing

While the actual city limits are several blocks to the west, this intersection serves as the apparent western entrance to East Lansing, subtly marking one end of the central business district with a slight change in direction as Grand River meets Michigan Avenue. At this location, one expects a sign of arrival, not confrontation with significant urban blight.

This site, which has witnessed a protracted episode of neglect, comprises two buildings currently considered for demolition and replacement. The western building is a reasonably attractive composition of stone and brick, though the building to the east is a jumbled attempt to modernize a formerly tidy façade. They have been subjected to neglect and are essentially beyond recovery.

Ideally, their replacement will punctuate the end of the Michigan Avenue axis and create an attractive neighbor for beautiful Gothic Revival People’s Church.

Unfortunately, poorly defined urban gateways are not limited to one traffic corridor, or one municipality. The east end of Grand River fares slightly better, as a series of strip malls depart Meridian Township, finally ending with a dignified sign marking Michigan State’s campus and the Broad Museum — a building that only appears to be falling down.

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