Power lines and trees

With autumn in full flush, one’s eyes are naturally drawn upward to enjoy the resplendent colors of the season. Unfortunately, that view is diminished when the bright colors are pruned away to allow for the unrestricted distribution of utility lines.

Naturally, trees should not remain unchecked, if their growth interferes with the lines transmitting electrical power. Of course, if those lines were buried, there would be no need to butcher the trees. Conduit could be installed during the periodically scheduled repair and maintenance of streets, where it could remain — unused — until the utility undertakes repairs or upgrades to adjacent lines. The occasional power outages caused when limbs fall on lines would be simultaneously eliminated.

However, utility companies lack the ability to force the road building authorities to install conduit. Given the ongoing infrastructure funding issues witnessed throughout the state and region, governmental bodies are demonstrably reluctant to spend additional money on conduit, particularly when it may remain unused indefinitely.

If this issue is to be effectively resolved, individuals need to undertake a progressive effort and direct their governmental leaders to work with utility companies to make line burial a priority. More important, they must accept the additional costs this undertaking will require.

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