March 9 2016 01:12 PM

Capital Meds provides quality medication at budget prices

In addition to medical marijuana, Capital Meds also offers a variety of glass pipes and other paraphernalia.
Steve Green/City Pulse

Located at the corner of Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and Kalamazoo Street, Capital Meds is just about a mile from the Capitol Building. I visited the shop for the first time in December, on recommendation of a friend. With last week’s frigid temperatures, my back was having muscle spasms, and I decided to revisit the shop in search of a good strain for relief.

The parking lot entrance is on Kalamazoo Street, just west of Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard. We pulled in and found a handful of parking spaces. I walked up the handicap ramp to a locked door and rang the door buzzer. I heard the door unlock, and then I was welcomed in and asked to show my medical marijuana card and ID. There was just one patient ahead of me in the Green Room. The waiting room was clean in appearance and smell, there was ample seating and the friendly door guy chatted with me for a minute. As I waited, two more patients arrived, and I saw the same procedure at the door with each of them.

After a few minutes, it was my turn to enter the Green Room. On the way back, I noticed a room connected to the waiting room where the shop sold art, glass pipes and other paraphernalia. I continued down a hallway, where I was greeted by the budtender. The shop carries nearly 20 strains at four price tiers. I discussed a few of the strains with the budtender, and she suggested a few that I might want to try.

After smelling several jars, I settled on three strains she had recommended: Strawberry Cough, for $12 per gram; Kosher Tangie, a $15-per-gram top shelf strain; and Bubble Gum, a budget strain at $15 for two grams. I noticed that the shop offers several types of extracts, including shatter and Rick Simpson Oil, as well as rare finds like keif pucks and decarbed butane hash oil in oral syringes. I asked several questions of the budtender, and she confidently answered everything. The butane hash oil was priced at $40 and boasts an 80 percent THC content. The Rick Simpson Oil was budgetpriced at $20 per gram. The shop does not skimp on the edibles either, offering gummies, hard candy, candy bars, truffles and even marijuana-infused lemonade. I was impressed, and I'll certainly be returning to this shop to sample some of those options.

I could not wait to try the Kosher Tangie. This beautiful bud had a sweet smell, and it was a great smoke. As I was breaking it up, I could really smell the bud’s complex terpene profile with sweet undertones. I lit it up, and I felt some effects after just a couple hits. It provided a clear-headed and uplifting high, while also helping my appetite, relieving muscle spasms and easing pain.

Next up was the Strawberry Cough, which is one of my personal favorites. Strawberry Cough smells like a field of strawberries. (The second half of its name refers to the bud’s lung expansion, which causes many smokers to cough.) This flower burned well, leaving a clean, white ash. The buds were small in size but large in effect. The nugs were green with orange hairs, and the strawberry flavor was on point. This strain helped with my mood, relieving me anxiety and boosting my creativity.

Capital Meds

10 a.m.-10 p.m. Monday- Saturday, closed Sunday 330 S. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., Lansing (517) 515-6959