Since I graduated from college, I’ve found there are increasingly fewer mornings — or afternoons, for that matter — where I’ve woken with a pounding hangover followed by a pledge to never drink again. I’ll chalk that up to trying to act like a grownup. But every now and then (ahem, last weekend), College Me rears his head for a night. And when he does, there’s nothing like a good, unhealthy breakfast the next day to complete the cycle.

Thank goodness then for Brian’s Fat Boy Sandwich, one of the new menu additions at Hannah’s Koney Island. Brian’s Fat Boy is a quarter-pound hamburger patty, American cheese, bacon, a fried egg and a deep-fried hash brown patty, topped with lettuce, tomato and spicy mayo and served on a sesame seed bun. Everything a recovering brain needs as you’re hashing out the details from the previous night.

Brian’s Fat Boy doesn’t come with fries, but if you’re craving a little extra starch, consider the Allan Fries: spicy potato wedges that come with malt vinegar ketchup. Hannah’s Koney Island is also one of the only places in town that serves French press-style coffee — locally roasted, no less — which makes for a nice accompaniment.

OK, full disclosure: The owner was a college buddy of mine, and the Allan Fries are indeed named after yours truly. But don’t think of this as a shameless plug. I can testify first-hand that this sandwich is a lifesaver.

And also, I’m never drinking again.

Hannah’s Koney Island

4790 Hagadorn Road #110, East Lansing 7 a.m.-3 p.m. Monday- Saturday; 8 a.m.-3 p.m. Sunday (517) 333-3527,

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