May 4 2016 12:12 AM

Cover band Triple Lindy to open for Verve Pipe at River Rock Concert

Local '80s cover band Triple Lindy opens for the Verve Pipe at the first-ever City Pulse River Rock Concert, June 10 at Adado Riverfront Park.
Courtesy photo

Before the Verve Pipe takes the stage June 10 to celebrate the 20th anniversary of its 1996 platinum-selling album, “Villains,” local cover band Triple Lindy will take the audience on a detour through the 1980s.

Triple Lindy started out about four years ago, with lead singer Brian Westrin and drummer Nick Parisian sitting over cocktails talking about how much they enjoy the guilty pleasures of the ‘80s.

“The ‘80s bands that were working in Lansing had done a great job of building the nostalgia, but there were still a lot of bands that did not get covered regularly — the new wave bands and stuff like that, Westrin said.”

So he and Parisian set out to build a set list that would hit some of the lesser-covered ‘80s fare.

“I come from the new wave side — Duran Duran, the Smiths, Echo & the Bunnymen — that’s where my interest is,” Westrin said. “But we have guys in the band who really like to rock it out with Van Halen and the hair band stuff.”

Westrin recruited his friend and longtime musical collaborator, multi-instrumentalist Peter Mowry. The duo has released five albums together and their latest disc, “Rogues,” will be released online May 13. Rounding out the band is guitarist Nate Schuiling and bassist Kyle Hoke.

“Kyle plays in 17 bands, as far as I can tell,” joked Westrin. “He’s always playing.”

Triple Lindy opens for the Verve Pipe June 10 at the first-ever City Pulse River Rock Concert. The two-day event is a fundraiser for MICA, which produces Lansing JazzFest and Michigan Bluesfest.

“The Verve Pipe was sort of the soundtrack for my youth,” Westrin said. “When I was in high school and college, the Verve Pipe were really hitting their peak. I’m excited to share the stage with those guys.”

Nick Eyde is project developer for the Eyde Co., which is sponsoring the Triple Lindy performance. When he heard that the Verve Pipe was performing at the River Rock Concert, he suggested Triple Lindy as an opener.

“It felt like a good fit,” he said. “I’ve known those guys for a long time, and they are guys that were raised here in Lansing. And you can’t beat the ‘80s.”

The inspiration for Triple Lindy’s name came from the ‘80s, but it’s not a musical reference.

“Triple Lindy is the dive that Rodney Dangerfield does in ‘Back to School.’ It was thought to be an impossible dive, and of course Rodney Dangerfield pulls it off at the end of the movie,” Westrin said. “He’s one of our favorite comedians, and it’s one of our favorite movies.”

City Pulse River Rock Concert/Top of the Town Party

June 10-11

Friday night (featuring the Verve Pipe): $15/$20
reserved VIP seating Saturday night (Top of the Town Party): $12/$17
reserved VIP seating/$5 for the TOTT Party/$20 for VIP seating and TOTT party
Two-night combo: $25/$32
VIP reserved seating and TOTT Party
Concert tickets $10 more at the door
Adado Riverfront Park, Lansing