June 24 2016 07:03 AM

BAD Brewing Co. expands taproom

Last year, BAD Brewing Co. had a good problem. Too many people were showing up at the downtown Mason brewery.

“We were having issues with people turning around and leaving because of how busy it was,” said BAD Brewing Co. owner and brewer Brian Rasdale. “We needed to grow to get the people who wanted to be here in here.”

The solution to this problem was unveiled last week. In May 2015, Rasdale purchased the storefront next door and started the process of renovating the space. He punched a 9-foot doorway between the two spaces and two “windows” through the wall. He also added a cement-top bar and table seating, increasing the seating capacity from 49 to 80 people. With the expansion, BAD Brewing Co. will take up about 2,600 square feet inside the historic building, which was built in 1869. Rasdale also added a 1,500-square-foot patio, which will allow the brewery to host live music during the summer.

“Everyone’s really excited that they can spread out and enjoy themselves, because it was uncomfortable at times with how busy it can get,” Rasdale said.

The expansion does not include a kitchen, but the brewery has developed a symbiotic relationship with Good Bites food truck, which parks near the brewery Tuesday through Saturday. There are no plans to expand the brewing area, but Rasdale is not concerned about meeting the increased demand.

“We’ve only been running at only half our potential,” Rasdale said. “We’re not expanding the brewery, we’re just expanding the potential the brewery has.”

Bad Brewing Company
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