July 27 2016 01:20 PM

Provided by the League of Women Voters

Brett Dreyfus

Party: Dem Biographical Info: Education: Michigan State University, Bachelor of Science. Major:

Political Science

Q: 1. Please provide biographical information and experience, and explain why you are running for the office. A: - Elected Meridian Township Clerk 2012 (current position - 4 year term) - Elected Meridian Township Trustee 2008 (4 year term) - Chairperson, Meridian Election Commission (2012 - Present) - Appointed Board Liaison: Meridian Economic Development Corporation (2011 – Present) - Appointed Board Representative: Meridian Cable Communications Commission (2008-2012) - Meridian Township Planning Commissioner (2000 – 2004) - Meridian Township Zoning Board of Appeals Member (2000 – 2001) I am running for re-election as Meridian Township Clerk. As the Township's chief Election Administrator (certified by the State of Michigan), I have successfully administered 8 elections in Meridian Township. In 2015, after completing a 3-year program run by Central Michigan University, I achieved the professional designation Certified Michigan Municipal Clerk. Protecting our community's quality-oflife, our environment and our economic well-being are among my top non-election priorities.

Q: 2. What are the priority issues facing the office and what actions would you take to address them if elected? A: Key issues affecting our Township include: -- Poor land use decisions that lead to urban sprawl, including an upsurge in high-density student apartment complexes (which I strongly opposed). Over the 12 year period I've been involved in Township land use decisions, I have consistently fought against unnecessary upzonings and Special Use Permits, inappropriate high-density developments, excessive destruction of greenspace and natural areas, and have spoken out against tax dollar giveaways to real estate speculators and developers. -- Deteriorating roads, both primary roads and those within subdivisions. Road repair must become a higher priority. -- Maintaining our top-notch public safety services, including police, fire and EMS services, despite rising costs and a tight budget -- Ensuring that parks, pathways & sidewalks, library services, and schools receive the necessary supports and resources to thrive.

Gayelord Mankowski

Party: Dem Biographical Info: Campaign Web Site: .mankowskiformeridian.com Education: College coursework at Lansing Community College, Grand Valley State University and Ferris State Univ

Q: 1. Please provide biographical information and experience, and explain why you are running for the office. A: My father and uncles inspired me to go into public service. I saw the difference they made every day. Following in their footsteps, I started as a Sheriff’s Deputy in Otsego County in 1983. After 6 years as a deputy, I took a job with the Meridian Township Police Department. For 25 years, I worked with my fellow officers to make sure our community is a safe place to live, work, raise a family and retire. After 31 years in law enforcement, I’m ready to take that same commitment to the Clerk’s office. As your clerk, I will make customer service my #1 priority. My wife Jocelyn is a 5th-grade teacher in Okemos and we are raising our 4-year-old daughter in our great community. I'm also a small business owner (45th Parallel Pickles). The management skills I obtained through 31 years of law enforcement, 15 years of union leadership and 10 years of instructing at LCC uniquely qualify me to be our next Clerk. My work ethic is impeccable and I’ve always led by example in our community.

Q: 2. What are the priority issues facing the office and what actions would you take to address them if elected? A: Community service is my passion and my familiarity with our community would make me a very innovative and effective Clerk. Being out in your patrol car you learn a lot about a community. What stood out to me were the children in need. In my first year, I started an annual holiday party for children in need, a tradition that continues 25 years later and has raised over $100,000. Because of my commitment to community service, I pledge to donate 10% of my take-home salary to help children and families in need in Meridian Township. The Clerk's office should be efficient, effective and accountable. As an officer, I created the Meridian Police K9 and the Crisis Negotiator programs. Using these administrative skills, I will work to make sure residents receive the best service possible. I am working with a unique team of people with similar values for Meridian Township, please visit www.meridian2016.com to learn about our plans for our community.

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