FRIDAY, Sept. 23 — A roundup of news from around the state, provided by our partners at Capital News Service. Follow the links for the full stories.

Bills would add time to driver’s ed: Passing motorists would have to give a five-foot berth to bicyclists under proposed legislation that also requires harsher penalties for causing accidents that injure or kill cyclists.

Good Samaritan bill expected to be signed into law: Gov. Rick Snyder is expected to sign into law this week a bill that would prohibit criminal prosecution of people who report overdoses of illegal prescription drugs.

Legislature divides over parenting: Courts would have to assume that joint custody is in the best interests of children of divorced parents under proposed legislation.

Northern Michigan pioneers effort to reduce food waste: Emmet County wins recognition for its recycling program and is continuing to expand on its current offerings. Other municipalities are looking at Emmet County’s best practices to develop programs of their own, but some believe that what Emmet is doing won’t work for them.

Federal grant aids seniors’ transportation: Michigan seniors will benefit from a $1 million federal grant for non-emergency medical transportation. This will help them get to health appointments and other places on their own, increasing their independence.