Property: Eyesore of the Week 1501 E. Kalamazoo St Lansing

This eyesore, a referral from a reader, will hopefully be an eyecandy one day — but not yet.

Six years ago, Lansing Community College, the Allen Neighborhood Center and the Ingham County Lank Bank announced they would join hands to save this home, built in 1922, and another a few doors away as part of a project called Restoration Works! LCC students were to do the work.

The other home got finished and is owneroccupied. But last year, after tearing off the garage, LCC pulled out of the partnership.

Joan Nelson, executive director of the Allen Neighborhood Center, said she is looking for someone to buy the house and finish the project. She said she could see a business on the first floor and a residence above. She said the house is in generally good condition.

The lawn and the shrubbery were in need of attention — which they received Tuesday — and the east elevation exhibits tatters of detached building wrap. Exposed anchor bolts project form the concrete block foundation, ready to accept the frame of the planned garage above it. Beyond that, this property appears to be in reasonably good shape.

“Eyesore of the Week” is our look at some of the seedier properties in Lansing. It rotates each week with Eye Candy of the Week. If you have a suggestion, please e-mail or call Berl Schwartz at 999-5061.