April 25 2017 11:18 AM

Polly Pothole scouts some potential nests, meets a friend

This week, Polly's tour of greater Lansing's biggest and best potholes took her to the 3300 block of Jerree Street on the city's southwest side. There she toured a sizable crater nestled among several smaller ones and some areas that had been previous patched.

"I could really spread my wings in that one," she cooed. "But the flooring is all wrong. No one wants to lay about in sand and gravel. Those things are the pits on my peak during preening."

But as she was getting ready to leave, Polly spied a bungalow size pothole she thought was "just adorable" and had to give it a roosting. This one, located at the corner of Barclay Place and Jerree St., right where Barclay deadends into Jerree, while smaller than the first, was deep. It was located off to the side of the road, minimize risk to Polly's crest by traffic, but it was also in the middle of the pedestrian walkway right in front of a curb cut.

"I could really snuggle into that one and feel quite cozy," she said. "But I was ultimately worried that the human foot traffic would ultimately be my untimely end, as no one would notice me nuzzled up and might step on me while crossing the street."

Polly loved the quiet neighborhood and particularly the family on Barclay playing a game of football in the front yard Monday night, but she's still on the lookout for the perfect pothole.


Polly met a new friend, Peter Profilameter. Peter's whole life consists of measuring the smoothness of roads. The two met in the 100 block of Baker Street, the location of last week's visit, while Peter was surveying the sudden bustle of work to replace the sinkhole at that location. Workers have carved out the pavement, placed five orange barrels and orange construction fence in the subsequent hole and are expected to fill it up with fresh pavement soon. Peter will be monitoring to make sure it is smooth as a dragon's tooth!