June 8 2017 10:25 AM

LCC President Brent Knight denies endorsing Judi Brown Clarke for Mayor


THURSDAY. June 8 -- Lansing Community College President Brent Knight is disputing a statement from the mayoral campaign of Judi Brown Clarke that he has endorsed her.

“No, I didn’t endorse any particular candidate,” Knight said this morning in a phone interview.

“It was mistakenly posted and corrected,” Brown Clarke said of the endorsement announcement. “There is no story.”

Knight’s name appeared on a list provided to City Pulse by Brown Clarke campaign spokeswoman Lorri Rishar from Edge Partnerships on Tuesday. No correction was sent.

City Pulse reported the alleged endorsement on Wednesday morning.

Brown Clarke’s spokeswoman Lorri Rishar, from Edge Partnerships, did not respond to emails requesting comment.

The Brown Clarke campaign released a list of endorsements Tuesday afternoon at the request of City Pulse. Along with Knight, were Kellie Dean, president of Dean Transportation; Rachel Lewis, president of the Lansing School Board; Linda Lee Tarver, a Republican activist; Dr. Clarence Underwood, former athletic director at MSU; and Martha Castillo-Gutierrez, Owner of Complete Care & Upholstery, LLC.

The list also claimed “over 50” MSU faculty and staff, “over 20” LCC faculty and staff, and “over 35” small and large business owners. Rishar did not provide a detailed list for those categories when asked to do so Tuesday.

Dean has not responded to inquiries. A phone number of Complete Care and Upholstery rings but disconnects without a message.