I’ll admit that I enjoy local breweries for their craft brews, but truly it’s for their menus. I have nothing against beer — in fact I really like it — but I love well made bar fare. That’s why last week I decided to grab dinner at the Lansing Brewing Co.

While debating over a heaping plate of poutine and some chicken and waffles, hearing the special that day was enough to change my mind. For $9, I ordered a massive BLT with basil mayo on the side. I went the extra mile and exchanged my classic French fries for the sweet potato variety.

With every delight fully crunchy bite, I reaffirmed my love for the sandwich classic. But soon after finishing it, I was disappointed to find out that the specials aren’t set on any recurring schedule.

But then I realized it was a blessing in disguise. The only way to have the sandwich again is to come back to the brew house until I can find it again. Poor me.

Lansing Brewing Co.

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