Sweet, tangy and just a little bit crunchy — that was the perfect texture in my fraise crepe at For Crepe Sake. It had a light, cream cheese filling, plentiful pecans, a perfectly spread chocolate sauce and, of course, it was loaded with strawberries.

I admit that, at first, I was a little hesitant to try the dessert. Even though I don’t hail from France, growing up, my mother made a mean crepe with almost exactly the same filling, so I was skeptical that she could be beaten. I deliberated over the types to order, and eventually I threw caution to the wind. I ordered strawberry or Fraise — my favorite flavor. For $8, I was the owner of a freshly-made dessert. I have to say, that although For Crepe Sake didn’t beat out my mom’s recipe, it certainly gave her a run for her money. I think next time I feel a little homesick, I’ll make sure to stop in.