Oct. 12 2017 09:49 AM

Road work resumes at Ormond Park

Construction crews returned to Ormond Park Tuesday after Ingham County Circuit Judge James Jamo declined to issue a preliminary injunction against the city over a new entrance to Groesbeck Golf Course.

The decision on Friday came months after neighbors filed a suit claiming the entranceway would cause irreparable harm to a portion of the Mason Esker in the park. Jamo rejected that claim, calling it “speculative at best,” and noted that if the neighbors ultimately prevail, the city can remove the entryway and replant trees. But he also wrote in his opinion that the city’s claims the new drive will increase revenues at the course “speculative.”

Neighbors believe the new drive, which will bisect the 8.5-acre park, will ruin its usefulness as a park.

Construction crews cut a clear path through a portion of wooded area on the park’s southern end in July, but a July 10 order from Jamo halted construction until Friday.