Twelve is enough

After a start very false, Bernero says
“Twelve years: enough as chief executive.”
Despite lame duck status, a gulf like Suez
Did remain with Council, adversative.
Undeterred Angry Mayor did push
A road in Ormond Park, sell City Hall now
Park neighbors a lawsuit the city ambush
To defend the road in the park allow.
Judge Jamo from a county bench remote
Did determine no impact on environment.
City Hall sale for a hotel zygote,
Left citizens asking why fragment
City operations from courts and jail.
That’s for the next mayor, I disentail.

Income Tax

Burdened with debts of promises prior
East Lansing City Council did ask all
Property tax reduction to damper;
Approve now an income tax proposal.
Voters, however, bit their thumbs at Council,
Approving property tax reductions,
Rejecting income tax; pathway fateful
The trajectory prepared inductions.
Mayor Pro Tem Altmann says hack the arts
Cuts to Solstice Jazz and Folk festivals
Lahanas buttress the cuts to part
Because investment doesn’t city transferals
Pressure placed and Council backed down
Left with job of finding cuts without frown.

You can’t handle the truth

With audit findings suspicion arose
Of the Treasurer’s Office day function
County Commissioners sought to disclose
Errors and misdemeanors to bludgeon
Democrats, power wielded, secrecy
Did seek. Voters don’t want to know the facts.
Grebner with bellicose voice brusquely
Did dismiss the transparency distracts.
Committee did approve secret review
Only to backtrack when questions were flung
Now we’ll speak in coded missives, wahoo!
Secrets and reasons will be triple-tongue.
Two more times disclosure found, secrecy
Operationally needed, Daddy.

Thirty Thousand Dollar Candidate

Aaron Stephens, student at MSU,
Tossed a hat in for E.L. Council.
Adored by Realtors, left Woods feeling blue.
Property masters spent money ample.
Thirty thousand plus dollars did they send
Paying for mailings, outreach and some more
Realtors backed Stephens, cash spent to end
Put the kid in office, reject Woods for
Unknown offenses, lackluster campaign.
Swearing he knew nothing, Realtors are mum
As to why they backed a Stephens’ reign
Contemplation, political miasm?
Answers unknown, agenda unseen.
Time will tell why Stephens was the scene.

Naughty List

Weinstein, Lauer, Franken, Trump and many more
2017: the year of reckoning.
#MeToo took Twitter to expose the boar,
But locally it was for years, brewing.
MSU under federal review
While women and men complained to all
The secrets did from Simon misconstrue
Sexual assault and harassment appall.
Four football players charged with sexual
Assaults each. Band director dismissed for
Inappropriate sexual blameable.
Then there’s Nassar with many victims and more,
Lawsuits and media, criminal charges and
Courts reveal, too many to countermand.

An Ode to Ormond

A wee pocket park, trees and toys and green —
Stood strong against administrative power.
A fight unplanned between golfers keen
And neighbors adoring quiet esker.
Ribbon of asphalt to bisect the park.
Entryway to Groesbeck aged and failing.
“Shut up, shut up, shut up!” Mayor did bark
At neighbors fighting to save and wailing.
Deaf ears did meet, the courts reject all pleas.
Judge proclaimed trees and eskers no need
Environmental protection, oh please.
It is a road, thusly no need to plead.
Trees cut down, city staff for bats did watch;
None were found, down they went, The road did hatch.

Mayor Nice Guy

After a decade and two years, twas time
For a new Lansing chief executive
So the candidates did with a sublime
Excitement toss hats in ring elective.
Trevino, by Daddy much controlled;
Harold tilting at windmill fantasies;
Brown Clarke promise large but campaign unsold;
Republican Gillenkirk to lost these.
But in the end, twas Andy Schor won all.
First the primary, with a massive spread —
Head to head with Brown Clarke, alas she did fall.
Schor won office and new needles to thread.
Mr. Nice Guy replaces Angry Mayor
An epoch era unleashed times gentler.

Green Haze

After years of contentious back and forth
City Council did approve finally
A law so strict pot shops squawked henceforth
Never shall pot economy bloom’n be.
The opposition did cry foul as well,
“Ne’er did we see drafted law you did vote!”
Democracy has died in show-and-tell.
This poison will not stand, we need antidote!
Signatures sought by marijuana friends
Rejected by slippery Clerk Chris Swope
Behind silly legal misapprehends
Can he not see ask they? Is he myope?
Law in place, nearly one hundred apply
Sifting papers more prickly than cacti.

Red Cedar Lament

Sell the golf course, pay off the debt, sang he —
Tis necessary, Tis right, important
Angry Mayor propounded, bossily.
Ideas sought, one choice, dream of accountant.
Ferguson playing ancient credentials
Hooks up Bernero with conversations.
Public finance convenient act ferrules
Happy campers intended of destines.
First to county go, beg lower bond rate;
Controller all but laughs, show the money.
Huffed and puffed and walked irate
Into arms low credit city honey.
And still we wait. And wait. And wait. And wait.
Twill come to be in a year that ends eight.

Hate manifest

With man of tangerine hue in office,
The lesser spirits of America
Did reign anew in total bitterness.
The kids did rise: vile and ugly stigma.
DeWitt kids did taunt classmates with a wall.
Chants and jeers and lesser all made to feel
While Trump in triumph tried freedom to maul.
Executive orders issued not ideal.
An immigrant in Lansing attacked —
Fisticuffs and note stapled on his chest.
Police and feds with big words counteract
But months later, no suspects, no arrest.
Whilst in June a murder anti-gay —
Perhaps. The accused’s mental health is sought;
The courts in patience wait to fears allay,
The cops unclear no motive have they caught.
Thus was a year in the world of early
Trump presidency darkened quaintly.

Chavez Triumph

Two decades fighting for memorial —
An election revoking previous.
A parking lot instead not of vermeil,
Stung with simplicity of the very falseness.
City Council, faced fighting loud betwixt
Old Town Commercial Association and
Lansing’s proud and noble Latinos transfixed
Held hearings and conversations firsthand.
Compromise hammered out, a vote held
With a head nod to Old Town historic.
A second hearing for signs compelled
Approved as well, to avoid the heartsick.
Bernero with his veto pen ligan
Noting name decades ago was Franklin.