March 29 2018 10:45 AM
On Saturday, two opposing groups met at the State Capitol of Michigan lawn. March For Our Lives met to call for stricter gun enforcement laws, drawing nearly 3,000 people. Later in the day the Constitutional Enforcement for 2nd Amendment Rights gathered, drawing about 60 people. Some speakers mentioned one thing they agreed upon the need for expanded mental health services in our communities.
Photos by Theresa Rosado

A crowd gathers at the Capitol steps for the Constitutional Enforcement rally.

Militia members decorate the Trump Bridge float at the Constitutional Enforcement rally.

Shown right, a mom and son gather at the March For Our Lives Rally.

A 2nd Amendment supporter debates with a March For Our Lives participant.

A dad and his son pledge allegiance at the Constitutional Enforcement rally.

A father carries his son toward the Capitol steps at the March For Our Lives rally

March For Our Lives crowd at the Capitol.