March 9 2010 12:00 AM

Chordsmen present a song-filled salute to New York City

The Capital City Chordsmen
will bring the sights and sounds of New York City to Wharton Center with
their annual barbershop show on Saturday, March 13. “New York, NY – Thanks for
the Memories” highlights some of the most important moments and significant
attractions of the city.

From Broadway to baseball
and New Year’s Eve to 9/11, the 45-man chorus aims to bring together the
classic American style of song with one of the most famous cities in the world.

“Barbershopping is a special
and unique form of music,” said ticket co-chairman James Hall. “It’s the music,
the fellowship, the joy of singing for people and keeping this form of music
alive. It’s a special part of American history.”

Show chairman Larry Parker,
who has been with the Capital City Chordsmen for about 25 years, said he has
long wanted to do a show about New York.

“Everybody wants to go to
New York, everybody’s been in New York, so many people live in New York,” he
said. Parker’s only been to New York once, over 30 years ago, and he said he
felt there is a rich history to New York that could be well-told through the
barbershop chorus performance.

The show features many
familiar songs. “New York, New York” is featured, as well as songs from
Broadway and Billy Joel. The Chordsmen will perform “Auld Lane Syne” as a
representation of spending New Year’s Eve in Times Square, and there is a
special tribute to the men and women who lost their lives in the 9/11 tragedy.

Parker said the tribute
portion of the show includes original music, as well as audience participation
in singing “America the Beautiful.”

Many members of the chorus
are also members of various barbershop quartets in the chorus. Parker is a
member of the Patch Chords, who will perform. Also on the program is the Hot Air Buffoons, a comedy quartet from Ohio that Hall said is
well-known in barbershop circles.

Hall said that the Chordsmen
work to provide a variety of types of entertainment to satisfy all different

“What we really enjoy is not
only the joy of singing ourselves, but the fun that it brings out and the
enjoyment we see from people that we sing for,” he said. “It’s a really special thing to be able
to bring music to people and sing for them.”