March 24 2010 12:00 AM

LCC stages Part One of epic play


Written by Peter Parnell and adapted from the novel by John Irving, “The Cider House Rules” tells the story of an orphan named Homer Wells in 1920s Maine who resides in St. Cloud’s orphanage. Wilbur Larch, the head doctor at the orphanage, becomes a father figure to Homer and takes him under his wing as an apprentice. During this time, Homer begins assisting Wilbur in abortions and comes to terms with his own sense of identity.

Lansing Community College Theatre will perform the first part of the two-part play.

Chad Badgero, director of the play and a theater instructor at LCC, says he took pride in taking on such an ambitious project.

“I’m very fortunate that LCC is brave in their programming and exposing students to a wide range of material and acting challenges,” Badgero said.

The play addresses the moral dilemmas involved with abortion, whether it is for ethical, scientific or health reasons.

“It’s important to me to tackle these issues because they’re issues we face today,” Badgero said. “(The play) comes at the issue of abortion from an even-handed perspective. You get all the stances on the issue. It’s a fair play, and that’s great. If nothing else, you leave with a lot of thinking to do.”

The play proved to be an acting challenge for the students. In some instances, actors are playing up to five different characters.

While the idea of producing the play’s second part was suggest ed, Badgero decided against it.

“Just Part One is epic in that it spans a great deal of time and so many settings. It is a directorial and acting challenge,” he said. “Doing the second part would be a huge undertaking. They can be one whole play but (the parts) certainly stand alone.”

’The Cider House Rules’

p.m. Friday, March 26, Saturday, March 27, Friday, April 2 and
Saturday, April 3; 2 p.m. Sunday, March 28 Dart Auditorium, Lansing
Community College $10, or $5 students, staff and seniors (517) 372-0945