July 28 2010 12:00 AM

Setting the record straight

I picked up a copy of the Pulse today and to my surprise found my name in your fine publication. As flattered as I am to see my name in print in the “Graceful Aging” article on page five (July 21) I wish you would have called me first.

I know how important accurate reporting is to you so to that end I humbly submit these clarifications and comments.

I am not a member of any group opposed to the “multi-billion-dollar-aging-industrial complex”, whatever that is. I take it to mean assisted living. Actually, I have talked to seniors who moved from a house to assisted living facilities and they were delighted with the programs and the meals. For some seniors it is a great fit.

I also don’t consider myself a member of the “Eastside Living” group you describe as uniquely qualified 60-somethings. I respect and admire the people you identify in this group who put their heads together to get a Community Development Block Grant. However my head has never been in communion with them to develop a plan or get any grants.

And while it is true I have talked about building cottages, (remember — talk is cheap), if they ever do get built they will not be made to serve any one demographic. In fact I hope all ages will be interested in this type of housing.

Now, about my parents. I have made the off the cuff remark that these cottages might be a nice set up for my mom and dad. Well, if you knew my dad you would realize that there is not a snowballs chance in hell that he would ever willingly move into the city from his one acre ranch in Laingsburg.

And least important but just so your records are straight I’m 55 years old.

In closing let me say that I do enjoy your publication. However, if you want to print something about my activities, or my thoughts about my parents could you at least check with me first so I can have a say about what you say I said.

— David L. Muylle, Lansing