Sept. 29 2010 12:00 AM

A ’proven reformer’

Many voters have received misleading mail attacking our candidate for state representative, Theresa Abed. Theresa campaigns by talking to voters about supporting small businesses that create jobs, reforming government and balancing budgets. The extreme-Republican political establishment - which funds Theresa’s opponent – is spreading lies to avoid those issues. Despite what Lansing’s career politicians say, Abed is a fiscal conservative with a proven record in Eaton County. She balanced the county budget on time, every year, by cutting government spending. Unfortunately, while Republican insiders lie about Theresa, the state’s budget still isn’t balanced. We need a proven reformer, like Theresa Abed, to clean up their mess!

— Travis Radina Lansing

Balance your time

I live in the fourth ward of Lansing, which is now being "represented" by Jessica Yorko. Here’s a novel suggestion for Ms. Yorko, if you don’t have time to do the job, don’t run for office. I am sick and tired of local politicians who run for office to pad their resumes, help their friends, and run for higher office -- rather than diligently serve the public. I have the misfortune of being "represented" by two such faux progressives, Ms. Yorko on the City Council, and the equally self-promoting and useless Rebecca Bahar-Cook on the Ingham County Commission, who you can bet will be seeking to replace Rep. Joan Bauer two years from now.

— Tim Knowlton Lansing