Oct. 6 2010 12:00 AM

Lie tactics and bad journalism

As a regular reader of City Pulse, who believes the paper provides a great service to the community with lots of information about entertainment, restaurants, and community events, I must say I am really disappointed by the free advertising space you are giving to a candidate in the upcoming election.

The unknown Democrat who is running against Mike Rogers for Congress is making lots of false statements in the City Pulse about Mike and I would caution your readers to take anything you publish by Lance Enderle with a grain of salt.

It is a sad way to try and find a job – lying about the guy you want to replace says something about your own character.

— Brad Dennis, Lansing

With the City Pulse giving space to the Democrat running against Congressman Mike Rogers and letting him throw around lies to promote his own crazy ideas, I cannot remain silent any longer.

Two things – Mike Rogers has voted in favor of unemployment benefit extensions at least four times in the current term of Congress, according to the Project Vote Smart website.

And if you check out the website congress.gov, you’ll find out that Mike Rogers has been one of the most bipartisan members, working with Democrats on many bills that do make good changes in law or establish new law that is geared toward making our lives better, like research on chronic pain.

Shame on the City Pulse for giving space to a partisan candidate and letting it look like a journalistic article. No wonder we are losing faith in our news media.

— Kyle Wallace, East Lansing

Rejoice for single stream

While good news has been in short supply in Lansing, now there’s reason to rejoice, It has to do with that bright green tub we deposit at the curb every week.

Or rather, what we deposit in that tub.

Recently, Lansing has enacted a Single Stream Recycling system. What that means for Lansing Q. Public is, you don’t have to squint at the little numbers inside the triangle on plastic containers anymore.

Capital Area Recycling and Trash (CART) now takes just about every kind of plastic except PVC and bags. This is great news for folks, who up to a few months ago, would try to puzzle out why they’d take this gallon green tea container but not this gallon salsa container.

Now, they take just about every kind of plastic and just pour it in the truck. When it’s dumped into that "single stream," it’s sorted with sophisticated machinery.

I’m talking margarine and yogurt tubs, mustard and ketchup bottles, even those clear plastic containers berries come in. And, hey, they take all colored glass bottles now, so wine lovers can drink up.

Same with virtually all paper. Used to be, you had to sort newspapers from magazines, and don’t you dare try to slip a flattened cereal box in there. Now, take your junk mail, old school papers, newspapers, phone books, corrugated cardboard and boxboard (the thin cardboard cereal and pasta are packaged in) and put it out by the curb.

So, yes, I kind of think reusing resources is a good idea, and I like trees and Mother Earth and all. But what I like best is that I can get away with one blue City bag a week of trash for a family of four. That works out to $1.75 a week for trash removal.

Whether you want to save the environment or save money, the good news is you can do it pretty easily in Lansing now.

— Charlie Barshaw Lansing