Oct. 27 2010 12:00 AM

Yes for Abed

Theresa Abed and I are Eaton County Commissioners. She is a consensus builder. There is a divisiveness between the two parties and legislators need to listen to each other, resolve their issues, and come to consensus on issues. Abed has the experience and cooperative nature to get budgets done on time. She listens carefully to public comment, thanks citizens for taking the time to address a particular issue, and for giving her further insight into an issue. Theresa Abed will make thoughtful and reasonable decisions for you - her constituents - when she becomes your state representative for district 71.

— Linda Keefe, Dimondale

Consider county policing

The Ingham County Board of Commissioners consists of 16 members. Thirteen are Democrats, three are Republicans. Most represent an urban area. Since 2006, there has been a hard core effort to get the County out of the Public Safety/Road Patrol function and shift the burden to those viewed as getting the most benefit. This focused on the 13 of the 16 townships in the county.

The arguments were fierce concerning who gets what service, the role of the County-Wide Sheriff Dept., the total millage levied by the county and priorities. In the end, over the last four years, the Sheriff has experienced a reduction of 69% in Law Enforcement/Road Patrol deputies and a 33% decrease in Detectives, in addition to a Jail Post Closing of 67 inmates and the correction officers associated.

Thirteen township elected Boards and the Emergency Planning Committee realize the potential problem of no one to respond. All are requesting citizens to consider a ballot proposal to fund enough officers to respond when a call is placed and no more. It is unprecedented that this many units of government could ever agree, however, they realize the simple fact that the Ingham County Board of Commissioners will not provide service to their constituents and proposed Jan. 1, 2011 as the end.

Regardless of how one feels about taxes and priorities. Please consider this with all due thought. I rank this as my personal number one priority over any other ballot issue. Citizens are entitled to reasonable support and response from emergency personal.
I, like you am very disappointed in the Board. However, it is reality
and we must move forward and will actually have a better department
without the politics.

— Randy Schafer, Ingham County Commissioner

Yes for Whitmer

elected leaders should stand up for us, not powerful special interests.
State Sen. Gretchen Whitmer is a leading advocate for Michigan
consumers, and that’s why I’m supporting her in the Nov. 2 election.

Whitmer’s track record speaks for itself: She took on the big drug companies by fighting to repeal an unfair one-of-a-kind Michigan law that gives drug companies total
immunity when they make dangerous drugs that harm or kill. She fought
insurance company lobbyists and cracked down on excessive car insurance
rates. She supports measures to stop health insurance companies from
delaying valid claims.

also has a proven record of taking on violent criminals and predators,
as a state senator and before that as a state representative. She helped
write a law that lets citizens use force when protecting themselves,
their homes and their families from violent attackers. She also authored
a bill creating tough penalties for identity thieves who prey on
Michigan seniors and families.

need tough leaders who aren’t afraid to mix it up on behalf of local
residents. Gretchen Whitmer fits that description to a T, and she should
be re-elected on Nov. 2.

— Thomas Morgan, East Lansing