Dec. 8 2010 12:00 AM

1824 E. Michigan Ave., Lansing M-Sat Noon to 7 p.m. (517) 648-3011

Michigan Avenue is no doubt the dispensary hot spot in Lansing.

So, when Theresa chose the old Leila’s Gallery on the corner of Michigan Avenue and Regent Street as the location of her business, The Popcorn Bag, she knew she had to give it its own flavor.

A $2 donation gets qualifying patients yearly access to meds, and the money is then donated to charity. For others, physician consultation and certification can be set up by appointment.

For now, The Popcorn Bag offers only medical marijuana (well, besides the free popcorn, which isn‘t bad). A head shop will soon occupy the empty front room, which is adorned with colorful, original artwork by Theresa.

Meds range from $14-$19 per gram for buds — about 1/28th of an ounce — and $12 per gram for shake. Patients can also have alerts sent via text message when there’s a special.

The Cheese strain, a well-known sativa, was the only one offered at $19 per gram. It was definitely worth it. The heavy cheese odor shifted to a more fuel-ish smell when broken down. With dense, sparkling buds, the Cheese was as potent as it was pretty.

When smoked with a vaporizer, the earthy, sweet taste is released and a cerebral high sets in, leading to some good tuning out.

At $17 per gram, the indica-heavy Purple Kush had a sweet, flowery smell. Tints of purple and shiny trichomes covered the well-cured buds. Once broken, the flowery aroma was even stronger, continuing on into the taste of the smoke, which was thick but not nearly as harsh as the Berry White.

The Berry White high was heavy, full body and lasting. At $16 per gram, the sativa-dominant strain was good looking, bright green and full of trichomes. It smelled sour with hints of a dank sweetness, but still came up short in the end. Out of a water pipe, the smoke was harsh and unforgiving. The taste was a little metallic, producing a mild, shortlived mind buzz.

With a good variety of meds, Theresa’s knowledge and honesty make it easy to find a fitting strain.

Even without medibles and a head shop that’s still being pieced together, the friendly and quick service, variety of meds, reasonable prices and free popcorn won’t leave you with a salty taste in your mouth after a visit to The Popcorn Bag. Too corny?