Dec. 8 2010 12:00 AM

2121 E. Michigan Ave., Lansing | Open 24 Hours | (517) 214-2244

Whether the idea was to fulfill a need or to seize an opportunity, owner and budtender Corey, along with his wife, Toni, have managed to do both by opening Turtle’s Medical Marijuana Compassionate Services — the only 24-hour medical marijuana shop in the area.

No membership fees, a full line of medibles, a small selection of smoking accessories and rotating budtenders are quickly making Turtle’s a popular spot for patients in and out of the Lansing area. They’re even open on holidays.

The prices at Turtle’s average between $15 and $20 per gram for medicine, but patients can follow the store on Twitter and Facebook to keep up on specials and deals. Medibles are $5.

The W.O.W.-branded suckers and candies are both tasty and effective. The large chocolate chip cookie was delicious, but lacked any effect beyond a desire for a glass of milk.

The rotating budtender schedule gives patients different choices of medical marijuana strains throughout the day. The follow buds came from multiple budtenders who dispense at Turtle’s.

The White Lightning, an indica-dominant hybrid strain at $20 per gram packed a punch in smell and taste. Closer inspection revealed tons of well-developed trichomes and dense nugget clusters with bright orange hairs poking out everywhere. The White Lightning was well cured, tasted clean and earthy from bud to ash and produced a heavy body high, both relaxing and sedative.

The sativa-dominant ATF, or Alaskan Thunderfuck, was a bit deceptive at $20 per gram. Bright green, tight buds with a light coating of trichomes gave it a nice look, but the smell was weak. After grinding some up it had hints of a fruity odor, but it still didn’t smell like good, dank bud. However, tasting the ATF proved otherwise. Sweet with a fruity finish, the smoke was tasty and mild on the throat. Although mainly a sativa, the high is full head and body and lasting with an easy come-down.

Strawberry Wonder Woman, another sativa-dominant hybrid but at $15 per gram, was the only strain that failed to produce a good, patient-grade high. The buds were small, light green with dark red — almost brown — pistils and lacked a real smell of its own. The taste was average — not bad, but not memorable either. With a short, hazy head buzz, another sativa might be a better choice for medicinal purposes.

Turtle’s is a small, budding shop, but its variety of products and nonexistent hours of operation give them amazing growth potential. If convenience is king, Turtle’s could very well be wearing the crown.

Editor’s note: Corey, the co-owner of Turtle’s, has said following the Nov. 13 break-in of Turtle’s that the store “did not skip a beat.” A few security measures were taken, such as keeping the front door locked during nonpeak hours, but otherwise the store remains open.