Jan. 19 2011 12:00 AM

No casino

A casino in downtown Lansing is a terrible idea (“Casino Lansing?” 1/5/11). The casino revenue generated to the tribes is only taxed at a federal level — nothing at either a state or local level. All the income the tribal members receive is untouched money by a very protected group of people who already receive a lot of state freebies including free tuition, housing, medical care etc. More minority priviledge is certainly not welcome in these difficult economic times. Check out greek town in the Motorcity — not a smashing sucess.

— Rebecca Morgan, East Lansing

Sidewalks or politics?

If anyone heard Bill Ballingers rhetoric during the governors campaign, she/he will know the sidewalk issue is not about sidewalks. Could it be about Mayor Berneros being a Democrat? Is the pope catholic?

— Judy Hood, Bath

Everybody knows this is nowhere

Hey, Kyle Melinn, Vevay township is "nowhere"? (“Cars, a rut, tree limbs & the ‘Sidewalk to Nowhere’” 1/12/11) I lived for 10 years in nowhere, and now I live in nowhere else, Alaiedon town ship. Well, I have to say fields of corn and wheat fringed by trees can be very soothing. Green in summer, golds and reds in fall, and now in winter blanketed in snow. No roar of automobiles hurtling down busy streets, no houses and businesses crowded together with litter-strewn parking lots. Its a great place to live, a great place to run, and oh and there are no sidewalks here either.

— Sarah Gilmour, Mason