Jan. 26 2011 12:00 AM

1723 E. Michigan ave., Lansing. Open 7 days a week, 11 a.m.-7 p.m. (517) 574-4528

The medical marijuana report is heading back to Michigan Avenue’s “Green District” this week. Top Shelf Budz, in the old Capital City Collectibles comic book store, is one of the many shops that snuck in just before the moratorium deadline.

Once inside and verified, patients can purchase meds, medibles, clones, tinctures, smoking accessories or a cool t-shirt — no membership required.

Meds average $15 and $20 per gram.

At $20 a gram, the Maui Waui is a strain worthy of the Top Shelf designation. This forever-young strain isn’t the most potent sativa available, but the dank, moldy fruit smell and bright red hairs frosted in trichomes produce a smooth, heady high. It has been a favorite since the 70s. Originally bred in Hawaii for its ideal outdoor conditions, the indoor growing movement and techniques — like hydroponics — have taken away from some of the classic taste and aroma of the Maui Waui, but have pushed its THC output to the maximum.

For $15 a gram, the Cheese Kush was a great deal. The buds were nice and tight, deep green with orange hairs all over and dusted with amber trichomes. The funky cheese smell that came out of its jar was almost overwhelming. Certainly a good sign. Cheese is a well-known indica strain and has been crossed with countless other strains including Blueberry and Skunk. But this cross with another heavy indica (Kush) is one of its more potent varieties. Setting in hard and fast, the high is full bodied and relaxing. Surely this is a strain ideal for patients with chronic pain, but not if you plan to accomplish anything beyond changing a channel or grabbing a snack.

Another strain going for $15 a gram was Casey Jones, a sativa-dominant hybrid. Casey Jones is a great bud to smoke, and also really popular among novice and expert growers alike for its versatility in different growing conditions and fast finishing time. This strain has a noticeably diesel smell to it, a sweet taste and a high that sets in quickly. Very heady and uplifting, the buzz can be a little trippy and confusing, but a good choice for patients with appetite problems.

The small shop can be easily missed, so look for the small sign sticking out above the door and look harder for a spot to park nearby.