Feb. 16 2011 12:00 AM

3145 S. Pennsylvania Ave., Lansing. Mon-Sat 11 a.m.-8 p.m. (517) 580-8344

Chandeliers and mirrors may not be your first vision of a dispensary’s interior decoration. But that’s only if you haven’t had a chance to visit Green Solutions USA.

The look, lighting and jars of sparkling, green gems give this place a sort of upscale, jewelrystore type ambiance. Owner Jeffrey Peck has taken the time to ensure patients a friendly and professional experience during every visit.

Besides meds, Green Solutions also offers physician consultations, delivery services, medibles and a small assortment of smoking accessories. Membership is $10 and completely optional. Members receive a discount on meds and added discounts for referring a friend. Patients can sign on as a personal patient with one of Green Solutions’ caregivers for discounts on meds as well.

For non-members, meds are priced between $10 and $25 a gram. On Tuesdays and Wednesdays, all grams are $15. Buds are handled only with long, metal tongs, keeping the icky sticky, and the fingers clean.

At $20 a gram, the Super Silver Haze was magnificent. Originally bred in Holland by the famed Green House Seed Co., Super Silver Haze has won multiple Cannabis Cup awards and is a favorite
among patients and growers alike. A true indica/sativa hybrid, this
strain’s genetics give it a sweet smell with moist, earth-like
undertones. The taste was spicy with a hint of black pepper afterwards.
Mentally stimulating and physically soothing, the Super Silver Haze high
exhibits it’s mixed genetics in almost perfect harmony, making it a
solid choice for any patient.

$20 hybrid strain was Blue Cough. The pungent aroma carried a bit of
sweetness with it. A touch of moisture and light trichome coverage
indicated a possible early harvest and incomplete curing time. Another
week or two for flowering and more curing time could have done wonders
for the potency. The taste of the Blue Cough was a little hard to
distinguish — almost wood-like — but not discouraging. More head- than
body-intensive, the buzz was a little hazy and short lived.

$15 a gram, the well known Blueberry strain was also available this
week. Popular for its fruity smell, taste and strong, lasting high, this
strain is a staple in the medical marijuana community.

Solutions aims to provide quality service and products to all patients —
members or not. But just remember — being a member has its perks.