Property:  403 Seymour Avenue

Owner:  Alane and Chartier P.L.C

Taxpayer: Alane and Chartier P.L.C

Assessed:  N/A

are often drawn to architectural styles that suit their personality. It
is no wonder attorneys Natalie Alane and Mary Chartier were immediately
attracted to the Victorian residence at 403 Seymour Ave. as the new
home for their law firm, Alane & Chartier, P.L.C. in downtown
Lansing — they are a perfect match.

its owners the Victorian style house is anything but plain and simple.
This centennial house is a key part of the rich architectural and
historic fabric of the Lansing area. Built in 1898 and occupied first
as the Jenison family residence it was later home to the American Lung
Association for more than half of the last century, Alane and Chartier,
P.L.C. are only the third owners of this remarkable building. It is a
rare building, even a relatively new one, that can boast such an
impressive track record.

is the combination of architectural style, history and location that
make this building so well suited to its new owners who, according to
Chartier, intend to love it as much as their practice of the law. Lift
your glass. Here’s to a long and successful relationship.

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