March 18 2013 12:00 AM

Photography group honors its late leader

Friday, Oct. 21 — A Lansing-area photography
group gathered at Perspective2 Wednesday to pay respects to their former
leader, Brian Knoblock, who died suddenly on Oct. 2.

The Mid Michigan Photo
Meetup originally planned a walk around Old Town — one of Knoblock’s favorite
things to do — but had to cancel those plans because of the rain.
The group was formed last November by Knoblock and Mark Chamberlin. The pair met through Perspective2 owner Lynne Brown.

The 47-year-old Knoblock was the
owner of Lansing IT, a consulting firm that works primarily with small
businesses. A master of all things Apple and “i-things,” Knoblock helped
with computer issues a few times per year.
They had been friends for over 10 years.

“He had so many dot-coms
in his head,” Brown said. His “photo-geek” side had a fascination with legacy equipment,
like Polaroids and old film.

“One of the things he
loved best was to teach,” Brown said, looking at a photo of Knoblock teaching a
class in her studio.

Knoblock maintained a
close relationship with many of his clients. The Michigan Federation for
Children and Families, which worked with him for over 15 years, posted a tribute
on their website, saying, “Brian did so many things that were thoughtful, sweet
and considerate, not for the recognition or praise but simply because he had a
huge heart.”

“He was such an
understated guy,” Brown continued. “He donated tons of time to animal shelters;
he served in the military. He had been caring for his elderly mother, who had
dementia, for over three years, until she passed away a few months ago.”

“He was
just so selfless, generous and caring,” Chamberlin added.

Knoblock died of a heart
attack. He had been complaining of stomach pains that afternoon, and his family
believes it may have been related to an abdominal aneurism.

“He sent (the group) an
email that morning, and four hours later he was gone,” Chamberlin recalled. “It
makes you want to live one day at a time.”

The group meets the third
Wednesday of every month at Perspective2, 319 E. Grand River Ave. More
information can be found at