Celebrating Magic Mushroom Day at the Capitol


Mark your calendars because another stoner-related holiday is quickly approaching. Sept. 20, also known as Magic Mushroom Day, is a day to celebrate and discuss the benefits of psilocybin, a naturally occurring psychoactive and hallucinogenic compound that puts the “magic” in magic mushrooms.

According to a 2020 article from Rolling Stone, Sept. 20 was chosen because it’s at the beginning of autumn, when mushrooms are most plentiful; it’s close to the equinox, signifying a time of change; and it echoes 420 and the successful movement for marijuana decriminalization and legalization.

While studies have shown that psilocybin is a promising treatment for multiple mental health conditions, from anxiety and depression to addiction, the compound is classified as a Schedule I drug by the Drug Enforcement Administration. Next month, on Magic Mushroom Day, members of the Lansing Entheogens and Psychedelics Society, or LEAPS, along with other advocates, will gather at the state Capitol to help educate others about the medical benefits of psilocybin and other psychedelics.

The Lansing Entheogens and Psychedelics Society’s mission is to cultivate safe spaces for people to share their experiences, connect and gain knowledge of entheogens and psychedelics. The group was founded in 2022 to push for psilocybin decriminalization in the city.

Co-founder Nate Ford said that he and other members have been planning the upcoming rally since early spring of this year.

“It’s pretty unheard of to be able to host an event at the Capitol during the middle of the week,” he said. “However, after Brianna Garrett, one of the other founding members of LEAPS, explained what we’re doing and the importance of why we need to have this event on the actual holiday — not the weekend before or after — the city permitted us to have a two-hour rally on the east lawn of the Capitol.”

Ford says he, alongside other members of the society, hopes to inspire and change the minds of those with misconceptions about psilocybin and other psychedelics through all the educational events that are happening Sept. 20.

Before the rally at the Capitol, the Fledge will host free workshops to help educate the public about fungi classification, cultivation and more. Cardboard and other materials will be provided for those who would like to make signs for the rally.

“Psilocybin needs to be decriminalized,” said Jerry Norris, owner of the Fledge. “The war on drugs has become the war on us. So many of us are using plant-based medicines like psilocybin to navigate a difficult world. I want to help unite the individuals who share that same goal as much as I can.”

The rally will feature a lineup of speakers, live music, food trucks and vendors from 5 to 7 p.m. on the east lawn of the Capitol. Members of LEAPS will share their experiences with psilocybin and invite others to share their experiences in an open-mic format. Ford said the event’s vibe will be upbeat and uplifting.

After the rally, attendees are encouraged to keep the celebration going by attending a special afterparty at the Fledge filled with music and camaraderie.

“We want to include as many people as possible,” Ford said. “We want everyone to come out, have a good time and learn about the positive effect psilocybin has on others.”

Ford shared that consuming psilocybin has helped him on his journey of overcoming substance abuse as well as anxiety and depression. He hopes that by learning more about plant medicine, people will be more willing to combat the negative stigma surrounding psychedelics.

To learn more about the upcoming Magic Mushroom Day events, follow LEAPS on Instagram at The society meets 7 to 8:30 p.m. every third Wednesday of the month at the Fledge.


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