Notice of Public Hearing


City of Lansing

Notice of Public Hearing

The Lansing City Council will hold a public hearing on Monday, September 12, 2022 at 7:00 p.m. in the Tony Benavides City of Lansing Council Chambers, Tenth Floor, Lansing City Hall, Lansing, MI, for the purpose stated below:

To afford an opportunity for all residents, taxpayers of the City of Lansing, City Assessor, other interested persons and ad valorem taxing units to appear and be heard on the approval of an Obsolete Property Rehabilitation Certificate (the “Certificate”), pursuant to and in accordance with the provisions of the Obsolete Property Rehabilitation Act, Public Act 146 of 2000, for property located at 700 May St., Lansing, Michigan, but more particularly described as follows:

COM AT THE SW CORNER OF SECTION 10, TH N00D31’32”W 390.58 FT (RECORDED AS N00D35’41”W 392.72 FT) TO POB: TH N00D31’32”W 121.20 FT; TH N82D26’00”E 86.98 FT; NO 82D58’07”E 15.01 FT; S89D51’56”E 140.63 FT; S89D44’56”E 55.83FT; S00D28’26”W ALONG A BLDG WALL LINE 398.36 FT TO NORTH LINE OF MOTOR WHEEL LOFTS; TH N89D39’09”W 14.74 FT, S00D20’51”W 3.70 FT, N89D39’09”W 120.70 FT, N00D20’51”E 182.13 FT AND N89D39’09”W 50.84 FT; N00D20’51”E 84.23 FT; N89D39’09”W 108.50 FT TO POB, CONTAINING 1.83 ACRES, MORE OR LESS, SUBJECT TO ALL EASEMENTS AND RESTRICTIONS, IF ANY. SPLIT/COMBINED ON 02/01/2018 FROM 33-01-01-10-353-006;

Parcel Number: 33-01-01-10-353-008

Approval of this Certificate will provide the owner or potentially the developer of property an abatement of certain property taxes for the improvements to the property noted above. Further information regarding this issue may be obtained from Mitch Timmerman, Lansing Economic Development Corporation (LEDC), 230 N Washington Sq. Lansing, MI 48933, 517-898-1709.

For more information, please call 517-483-4177. If you are interested in this matter,

please attend the public hearing or send a representative. Written comments will be

accepted between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. on City business days if received before 5 p.m., on

the day of the Public Hearing at the City Clerk’s Office, Ninth Floor, City Hall, 124 West

Michigan Ave., Lansing, MI 48933 or email

Chris Swope, Lansing City Clerk, MMC/CMMC CP#22-184

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