Eye Candy of the Week: Auto-Owners new building


This week’s Eye Candy is the new Auto-Owners Insurance Co. building, which is on the company’s South Campus. Tucked away near Creyts Road and I496 in Delta Township, the 250,000-square-foot office building was completed this spring and is expected to accommodate 900 employees for the growing Lansing-based insurance company. 

Each side of this building has something interesting to offer its viewers. Sleek grids of glass and steel cover most of the structure, though the scale and utilization of materials vary with each façade. In the front façade alone there are several different sizes of windows, with brickwork and concrete intermixed only in one section. The varied presentation of modern materials turns this office building into a fine piece of architecture.  

People entering the building from the front are drawn to the single-story white rectangle that sits in front of the larger structure. Its modest height makes the building feel accessible and its angled walls near the main entrance guide people inside. The overall structure is asymmetrical, and this carries through to the entrance area with sporadic placement of floor-to-ceiling windows. The white rectangle itself is offset from the structure behind it, creating space for a courtyard around its west side.   

This structure is striking as you zip past on the highway, but its approach from Creyts Road is even more pleasant. Small hills of well-kept lawn obscure the structure until you reach its parking lot. There, you can see the cool, sleek structure sit modestly amid young trees, green grass, and fresh pavement. 

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