Lansterdam in Review: California-based Stiizy brings wide variety to Lansing


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Stiizy is a California-based cannabis brand that launched in 2017 and has since expanded to Washington and Nevada. It crept its way into Michigan’s marijuana market back in August. They’re probably best known for their sleek vaporizers and wide variety of concentrate pods.

It’s also one of the trendier brands on the local medical markets, frequently appearing in flashy Facebook ads and in the hands of “influencers” on TikTok. The battery is $20 at Gage, which is also relatively new to the medical marijuana scene in Lansing. Pods are available for $45 each.

I’ve been on the hunt for a new vape pen for a few weeks and might’ve just found my new favorite with the Stiizy. I tried two varieties of cartridges and both of them were some of the smoothest draws I’ve had from a handheld vaporizer. It’s slim, discrete for on-the-go tokes and can easily last throughout the day on a full battery. Perhaps the best part? The cartridge variety.

Stiizy — Premium Jack (Sativa)

Price — $45/gram

THC content — 89.52%

Premium Jack is Stiizy’s spin on the famed Jack Herrer strain, known for its uplifting and clear-headed sort of high. And this lively sativa lives up to the name. It’s musky and earthy, yet still carries that biting sort of citrus note that always clears my sinuses. I haven’t exactly figured out which terpene is responsible for that subdued ammonia feel, but this pod was filled with it.

That’s not criticism either. In a weird way, I’ve learned to appreciate that bitter sort of herbiness.

With a THC content of nearly 90%, it’s also no surprise that only a few tokes will do it with this stuff. Between a few puffs and a mug of coffee, my mind was far too alert for my own comfort on an early Saturday morning. I always welcome an energetic strain, if only for the enhanced sense of creativity, but this particular variety almost gave me the jitters. As advertised, Premium Jack is a clear-headed and chatty high, but do tread lightly or at least give yourself something to do.

Stiizy — Biscotti (Indica)

Price — $45/gram

THC content — 82.49%

Biscotti is probably named for the obvious: It has that same sort of buttery mouthfeel as biscotti. Think cookies with a thick layer of frosting. This strain was sweet, nutty and almost creamy. It also had a much richer taste than the Premium Jack, making it my favorite of last week’s haul.

Biscotti is a hybrid strain of Gelato No. 25 and South Florida OG, both indica-dominant hybrids, but it’s not exactly a couch locker. It delivers a powerful body high, making it great for unwinding on the front porch after a long day at work, but don’t expect to fall right asleep after the session.

This is exactly the sort of slap-happy weed that’s perfect for an unproductive evening at home. I took advantage of the occasion by carefully chopping up a four-pound-lb bag of produce, oversalting a pot of soup to the point of disaster, ordering carryout and going straight to bed.

I usually turn toward indica or indica-dominant hybrids after 5 p.m. for the relaxing effects, but this blend isn’t exactly the best bowl for a bedtime knockout. Still, it’s mind numbing enough to the point where it’s probably best reserved for when you have nothing productive to get done.

Kyle Kaminski is a City Pulse staff writer and cannabis enthusiast who has been smoking marijuana just about every day for the last decade. Every week, Kaminski samples some of the best cannabis products available in Greater Lansing, gets real high and writes about them.


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