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Hispanic programming a loser at LCC


Sent on behalf of my mother, Rosa Martinez:

As a radio person of LCC or WLNZ for five years, I am disappointed that my show is not included in your article (on the station’s future, June 2), as it was a great show with many listeners. Also the only Spanish speaking radio show for our community, as LCC has always stated it is “community oriented” — and now nothing. My show was fun and entertaining and I brought information to our community that was of interest to our Mexican community. The music was up to date with the latest singers and bands. I had listeners from all over the country and in Mexico, and now there is nothing for our Latino community. I was told “there is no funding,” but I was never paid, I was a volunteer.  I don’t think anyone would do a show for three hours a week for nothing. I did it because I love the music and I loved sharing with my listeners. Selling or closing the radio station would be wrong on so many levels. The shows were all very diversified and so enjoyable. I hope this doesn’t happen and the shows can continue and stay here.

The Rose

P.S.: Maybe volunteering is a waste of time.


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