Honoring marijuana freedom fighters


Over the past few weeks, Michigan has lost several prolific cannabis activists. The deaths of Dale “Rick” Thompson, Gersh Avery, Amy Gregor Gasaway and Brad Lemke — all fiercely passionate plant-medicine pioneers — have left a hole in the hearts of cannabis enthusiasts across the state. Hundreds of people have gathered online to share stories and memories of these individuals.

It’s important to note that the Michigan cannabis industry would not be what it is today without the work of Thompson, Avery, Lemke, Gasaway and other individuals who believe in the power of cannabis and plant medicine. Even when faced with chronic health problems, these activists continued to fight for every Michigander’s right to access medicinal cannabis, from collecting signatures and rallying at the state Capitol to handing out free samples of their potent products to other chronically ill individuals across the state.

Josey Scoggin, director of the Redemption Foundation and founder and president of Sons and Daughters United, a nonprofit organization that provides assistance and support to low-income and underprivileged populations, shared her memories of each activist in a series of emotional Instagram posts. Scoggin, who has legally used medical marijuana since she was 14 due to a genetic disability, said that she wouldn’t be alive today if it weren’t for their work.

Last Saturday (Sept. 23), cannabis enthusiasts gathered to honor Thompson at Vehicle City Social, a medical cannabis social club in Flint. Memories — and plenty of joints — were shared among those in attendance as they honored their fallen friend. A memorial for Lemke will be held at Vehicle City Social 5 p.m. Saturday (Sept. 29). Friends and family have also set up online donation campaigns for Thompson, Avery, Lemke and Gasaway to help cover funeral costs.


BAMN: A new drop from Pure Options

Pure Options hopes to honor its roots in Lansing with its latest product drop. BAMN, which means By Any Means Necessary, is a name that is synonymous with resilience, determination and unwavering commitment to quality, according to a press release. The new product line features several “ready-to-roll” eighths of cannabis flower as well as a variety of 1-gram concentrate jars for $10 each. The packaging features headlines from the Lansing State Journal, dating back to the late 1930s, that highlight Lansing’s ingenuity.

The “ready-to-roll” eighths contain 3-and-a-half grams of pre-ground cannabis. Cannabis enthusiasts will be excited about the variety of strains available, including GMO, Kush Mints, Mendo Breath, Wedding Cake, Outlaw Glue, Pure Runtz and White Truffle. I’m a huge Kush Mints fan and was pleasantly surprised at the pungent aroma of fruity sweetness and mint that came from the weed inside the black mylar bag. The taste reminded me of a mint Lifesaver, refreshing and crisp, and the high was just as smooth. I felt the high hit me behind my eyes, but it didn’t stop me from having a productive evening.

The concentrate options in the new line are just as generous. Strains include Watermelon Gelato, Blueberry Diesel, Grape Dosidos, Pink Sherbet, Planet Zkittlez, Rainbow Sherbet and Runtz. While Planet Zkittlez is advertised as a budder, which is known for its thick and batter-like consistency, my container held concentrate that was more of a saucy, sugar-like consistency. I personally don’t mind the variance in consistency — I still enjoyed taking a huge dab of the pale yellow concentrate. It tasted like oranges and produced a chill body high that still left me feeling mentally aware.

If you’re interested in trying out any of the BAMN products for yourself, head over to your nearest Pure Options location. Pure Options also offers delivery within a 20-mile radius of Lansing, so if you’re not up for a drive, you can place an order online at pureoptions.com.


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