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It’s a (crunchy) wrap at Moriarty’s Pub

Chicken Club Wrap at Moriarty’s Pub


There’s a special place in my heart for dive bars like Moriarty’s on East Michigan Avenue. The food is cheap, the lights are dim, the service is friendly and the live music is stellar. And every drink is a double whether you like it or not.  

Like most hole-in-the-wall bars, Mort’s isn’t exactly well known for its gourmet food options. But there is at least one item definitely worth mentioning: the crispy Chicken Club Wrap with bacon. 

Don’t expect anything exotic. It’s just crispy chicken, bacon, Swiss and American cheese, lettuce and tomato stuffed inside a grilled flour tortilla, and served with a cup of ranch and potato chips. There’s nothing particularly fancy or unusual about any of the ingredients, but for only $8, this might be the single cheapest and tastiest crispy chicken wrap available in Lansing. 

My old apartment next to the former Rumrunner’s made this a weekly culinary staple in my life for more than two years. The wraps are always hot, melty and perfectly crispy — with just the right amount of peppery seasoning. 

Grilled chicken is available for health-conscious patrons. If you’re feeling edgy, you can also order the chicken with Cajun seasoning to kick it up a notch or two. I’d order extra ranch, as well. And for a buck or two, the chips can also be upgraded to French fries or tater tots. 

For those in search of a seriously tasty chicken wrap for an extremely low price, check out Mort’s. I don’t live down the street anymore, but I constantly come back for that tasty, $8 plate of goodness.  

For our classier readers that still feel the need to order some ostentatiously fancy dish to satisfy their culinary cravings, maybe just order another double. The wrap will taste like a million bucks.


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