Lansing HR director warns of biblical end times

Sanchez-Gazella predicts rapture ‘could be soon’


FRIDAY, May 14 — The director of Lansing’s Department of Human Resources warned this week about the “second coming of Christ” — including the “mark of the beast,” microchips, martial law, a cashless society and total government dependency.

“The AntiChrist comes before the Rapture. I have studied the Bible a lot in my life, in many different forms and it really does always come down to this,” Linda Sanchez-Gazella posted to Facebook this week. “I have been hearing about the second coming of Christ since I was a kid. The ‘Mark of the Beast,’ microchips, no cash/just plastic, Martial Law, TOTAL government dependency/control. When we are raising a family, working long hours, some two jobs, lots of things go unnoticed or just get ignored. No one can comprehend how bad it will be till it is. We have NEVER been told to stay home, quit work and rely on the government. We are seeing a lot of ‘firsts’ since January. Can our minds and bodies handle what’s coming? Not without God."

Some churches and Christian ministries have made false claims that COVID-19 vaccines contain microchips or have construed associations between vaccine ingredients and the devil, according to reports in the Washington Post. Other evangelicals have reportedly talked about how vaccines and masks contain or herald the “mark of the beast,” a reference to an apocalyptic passage from the Book of Revelation that suggests that the Antichrist will test Christians by asking them to put a mark on their bodies. 

The motivation and reasoning for Sanchez-Gazella’s recent Facebook musings — which she indicated was copied and pasted from another of her Facebook friends — isn’t totally clear. A message left with her office was not immediately returned.

"I wonder what doctor they will have on the news explaining the rapture and the disappearance of so many people? I won’t be here for it," Sanchez-Gazella also reposted on her Facebook page, which is not affiliated with the city of Lansing or its Department of Human Resources. “I also believe right now that God is giving us a chance to repent. We need to get the Gospel message out,”

Mayor Andy Schor saw the Facebook post earlier this week but didn’t have much to say about it. 

“We have almost 1,000 employees, all who post things on their social media. I do not track their social media postings,” he said. 

Schor later added: “She expressed that this is personal and has nothing to do with the city.”


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Jesus, please save us from your followers. We are all entitled to our own opinions, we are not entitled to our own facts. This is psychotic. Are we seriously going to pretend that this somehow ok? This type of willfully cultivated ignorance has no place in modern society. You literally have to learn how to be this stupid. This is what happens when you only read one book. You will believe anything, anything other than verifiable facts based in reality. These people should not be in charge of HR or anything else, they should be locked in a hospital so they can me monitored. They should be shamed, in public, in front of their family , friends, and peers. They should be pointed at, laughed at, and ridiculed until they capitulate. It's 2021. The days of treating people who choose to believe they posses some kind of special mental powers that magically enable them to communicate telepathically with their imaginary friends are over now. Do not encourage these people, do not enable them, do not pay them money. Please evolve. These people are destroying our communities, rotting them from the inside out.

Sunday, May 16

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