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New shop in Old Town caters to horror and nerd nostalgia


Right on time for Halloween and the autumn rush for all things macabre, a new nostalgia driven shop focusing on ’80s and ’90s horror and geek culture has opened in Old Town. 

Grave Danger co-owners Roanna Selvage and Brian Jupin have always been obsessive collectors of nerdy goods like vintage horror movies on VHS, comic books and action figures. Selvage said she grew up going to horror and comic book conventions with her parents, and her father even owned his own comic book shop in the ’90s. 

“My mother and father used to vend at conventions when I was a little girl. It’s been something I’ve always been a part of,” Selvage said. 

Selvage and Jupin discussed finally opening a shop of their own during one of their typical weekend days spent shopping together for more cool collectibles to bring back home. With their combined experience and knowledge in the growing industry of nerdy nostalgia, why not go for it?

“We learned that there’s a lot more people like us than we may have realized,” Selvage said.

Some of Grave Danger’s best inventory has been supplied by trade-ins with people that didn’t realize the old toys collecting dust in their closet might be worth some serious cash. Most of our stuff comes from people we sell to, it’s a circle of life kind of thing,” Selvage said.

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